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Worker’s Compensation: How does Indiana’s system work?

Are you wondering how Worker’s Compensation works in Indiana.  Indiana Worker’s Comp Attorney John Bymaster explains how the system works below.  If you have further questions please call our office to schedule a free consultation – 317-769-2244.

Indiana’s worker’s compensation system is designed to protect employees who are injured at work.   The system allows employers to predict the cost of onsite injuries and purchase insurance coverage.   The employer’s worker’s compensation insurance usually pays the cost of all worker’s comp claims.  The worker’s compensation system provides guaranteed, pre-scheduled benefits to employees.

What sort of benefits can be awarded through the Worker’s Compensation?

The worker’s compensation system provides a variety of benefits to restore an injured party.  The goals of the Indiana worker’s compensation system is to provide a reliable, predictable system to restored injured workers.   The following are common benefits awarded through the worker’s comp system:

– Replacement Income: You can receive weekly benefits during the time you are “temporarily totally disabled” because you are not able to return to work.  You will receive two-thirds of your wage during this “disabled” time period.

– Permanent Disability: If you have been permanently disabled, you will usually receive a lump sum award in compensation for your disability percentage under Indiana worker’s compensation guidelines.

– Medical Costs: All reasonable medical costs will be paid for during your recovery.

-Rehabilitative Costs: The costs for your corrective or rehabilitative procedures are also covered by the worker’s compensation system.

–  Dependent Benefits: If a death has occurred as a result of work injury or illness, compensation of up to 67% of the decedent’s income can be granted for a 500 week period.   The employer may also be responsible to pay for the burial and funeral expenses in certain situations.

Can I just bring a lawsuit against my employer instead of using Worker’s Compensation?

Generally, you cannot bring a lawsuit for a work-related injury. The Indiana worker’s compensation system replaces your right to bring a lawsuit against your employer.   Your remedies usually are limited to the framework of the worker’s compensation system.

However, certain exceptions to this rule can apply.  You may be able to bring a lawsuit against your employer in certain situations or against third parties.

If you need assistance with your Worker’s Compensation claim, please give our office a call to schedule a free consultation.  Our phone number is 317-769-2244.

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