The amount you attorney charges for Worker’s Compensation fees in Indiana are usually very similar at most offices.   This is because the amount that your Indianapolis Worker’s Compensation Attorney will charge are governed by an Indiana law.

How much will your Indianapolis Worker’s Compensation attorney charge?

At our office, following the Indiana’s Statute, you will usually not have to pay any attorney fees unless you receive recovery on your case.  Then usually, any attorney fee award is supervised the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board.  Our office follows the Indiana statute.  The amounts expressed below or the usual amount we charge on Worker’s Comp Cases:

20% of the first $50,000 of recovery

15% of the recovery in excess of 50,000

10% of any unpaid or out-of-pocket medical expenses, or also future medical expenses (any of these amounts are reduced in this category

Therefore, you will likely pay 20% on down to 10% of your total recovery depending upon whether the amount(s) fall in the above categories.  These amounts are governed by Indiana Law under IC 22-3-1-4.

Why are these Attorney Fee Amounts less than other Attorney work classifications such as Personal Injury or Collections Cases?

The reason why these amounts are less than the “contingency” fees charged in some other areas of law are for numerous reasons.  Two of these reasons stand out more than some others.  First, the Worker’s Compensation system wants to ensure that the vast majority of any funds are still preserved for the person who has filed the Worker’s Compensation claim.  Worker’s Compensation is suppose to be a no fault, statutory system designed to protect workers.  The worker who files the claim needs to be compensated under the system regardless of the extent of the attorney work involved.   Worker’s Compensation is all about protecting workers.  The second reason why fees are lower than some other areas of law is the “administrative” design of the Worker’s Compensation system.  Although an extensive amount of attorney work is involved in many Worker’s Compensation cases, the “administrative” design of worker’s compensation has the goal of reducing attorney involvement and hours if possible.  

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