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Worker’s Compensation: Wrongfully Denied Claim?

You have been injured or have become ill due to your work related duties.   You follow procedures and report the incident to your employer to start a worker’s compensation claim.   You are even concerned that you may be permanently injured.  What must you do if your employer unfairly treats you or your claim is denied?  Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster can help you with your wrongfully denied claim.

You need to make sure that you protect your right to recovery and compensation.  Too many times both employers or insurance companies let injured work parties “slip through the cracks.” They hope that the problem will just “go away.”  Other times insurance companies make mistakes or even act in bad faith.  Whatever the reason, you need to protect your rights.  You may need to hire a worker’s compensation attorney.

If you have been denied a claim for worker’s compensation or are being mistreated by the insurance company, you can appeal to the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board.     To appeal to the Board, you will likely need the assistance of an attorney who is familiar with this complex process.  Being in an injured state can make dealing with the Worker’s compensation system even more daunting of a task.   An attorney will appeal the denial of your claim and fight for your proper disability assessment.

Although employers and insurance companies are not always difficult to deal with during the worker’s compensation process, you need to make sure that you are getting the maximum care and compensation possible.   You will likely live with your injured state for the rest of your life.  You do not want to be under compensated for your injury.

If your worker’s compensation claim is wrongfully denied, your attorney can fight for you.  Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company for more comprehensive benefits.  Your attorney can also call a Board supervised mediation session to attempt to resolve the case.   Worker’s compensation hearings can also be held during your appeals process where evidence can be presented to support your position.

If you are being mistreated or your claim as been wrongfully denied, do not “sit on your rights.”   Contact our office for a free consultation.   The stress of handling your case will be transferred to a attorney who is familiar with the process of getting a full worker’s comp recovery.

If you have further questions, give Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster a call to schedule a FREE consultation.  Our phone number is 317-769-2244.


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