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Worker’s Compensation in Indiana: How Do I Apply?  

If you are injured at work, the first step in “applying” for worker’s compensation in Indiana is to notify your employer right away.   Attempt to notify your employer as quickly as you possible.  Notify your employer within 30 days after the accident or first symptoms.   Your employer will usually guide your medical treatment and start you through the worker’s compensation process.

In Indiana, the law requires your employer to post information about their worker’s compensation insurance.  These posters instruct you how to alert the insurance company and start the worker’s compensation claims process.   Instructions on how to apply and the name and number of the insurance company will be provided.   This notice will also state whom you must contact within your company if you have a work-related injury.

It is very important to comply with deadlines and proper procedure within the worker’s compensation system.  If you believe that your employer is not properly responding to your injury, you need to contact a worker’s compensation attorney.    You need to protect your rights to worker’s compensation.   You can also contact the Ombudson Division of the Worker’s Compensation Board at 317-232-3808.  You can file a request for assistance at the following link:

If your claim for worker’s compensation is being denied or you are not receiving appropriate benefits, you need to contact a worker’s compensation attorney immediately.  Your attorney can  negotiate for higher benefits, call board-supervised mediation, or file an appeal to be heard by the Worker’s Compensation Board.   Worker’s comp can be complex and you will likely need somebody to help you fight your way to success.    

Employers and insurance companies frequently dispute the extent of injuries and whether they should be classified as “work-related.”   If your employer is denying you benefits, contact our office.  We are an affordable Indianapolis Worker’s Compensation Attorney. We will fight for your worker compensation rights.  Call us today for a free consultation – 317-769-2244.


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