How Getting An Indiana Disability Lawyer Can Help Your Case

If you have applied for SSDI, you may want to consider how hiring an Indianapolis Disability lawyer can help your case.  Although Social Security Disability has a very simple application process, not all applicants are awarded disability payments.  If you have been denied disability, you need to consider whether an Indianapolis Disability lawyer can help you.

Although some studies indicate that an Attorney representing during your initial disability claim can help you win, the initial disability claim may not require the assistance of an attorney.  If your disability is clearly established and has a high chance of meeting SSDI criteria, you may be successful during the initial claim determination process.  If this is the case, you may not be substantially benefited by hiring a SSDI lawyer.

However, at the appeals level, especially facing the administrative law judge, you may have up to a 50% higher chance of winning your SSDI case by hiring an attorney.  Why do these chances of winning occur?   The approach and knowledge of an SSDI lawyer may be much different to how you would handle your case.

First, your SSDI lawyer is not as emotionally invested into the situation.  Your SSDI lawyer will act quickly to gather the necessary medical evidence to prove your disability condition according to Social Security guidelines.  Your attorney will be much more familiar with Social Security guidelines and standards.   Your attorney will aggressively build your case and develop an effective strategy to maximize your chances of winning.

Second, your attorney will build and update your case until you have your Administrative Law Judge hearing.  Even during the hearing, your attorney will follow a strategy, having the background of the law and the details of your case fully at his disposal.   A good attorney is very skilled at finding holes or weaknesses in a case before the final stages of the process.  Your attorney will then attempt to strengthen these areas with better medical records or other necessary documentation if possible.  If you have strong reason to worry about your chances of success in the SSD process, you should strongly consider hiring a Indianapolis Disability lawyer.


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