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John Bymaster

John Bymaster

Attorney at Law

Attorney John Bymaster founded the Bymaster Law Office in 2008.  He envisioned a “resort style” traditional setting for the office that would be refreshing and comforting to his clients.   The “old model” of a formal, stuffy law office environment did not seem appropriate for helping the public recover from bad injury and financial circumstances.  Bymaster Law has helped countless people recover from bad injury and financial circumstances since the office’s founding.

John Bymaster is no outsider when it comes to personal injury situations.   In 1997, an automobile accident involving 3 other teenagers put him in the hospital for several days.   Thankfully, none of the teenagers were killed or received permanent injuries.  The accident profoundly altered the course of his life however: he immediately became interested in helping other people.   Mr. Bymaster took on the course of becoming an attorney.   

“When I was seriously injured in an automobile accident, my life changed drastically.  Looking back, it was one the best things that could have happened to me.  It forced some serious life changes that turned out for the better.   I know, however, that things usually do not turn out very well – at least at first in an injury situation.  Make sure you are getting compensated fully for your injuries.   Call our office for a free consultation.  We can help!”   

Natalie Bymaster

Natalie Bymaster


Natalie Bymaster is John’s wife.  She assist him with most of the functions of the law office.  She focuses on community outreach and social media interaction.   She is also a paralegal who knows how to get things done quickly in assisting Attorney John Bymaster in cases.  Natalie is an active voice for appropriate woman body image.  She is a competitive golfer and CrossFit enthusiast.

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