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As an Indianapolis Attorney that serves all of central Indiana, John Bymaster focuses on practice areas related to injury recovery. Bymaster Law’s main practice areas are Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Worker’s Compensation, and Social Security Disability.   Our office also practices Bankruptcy Law, but this practice area is covered entirely in our popular website,

Indianapolis Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Bymaster Law can help you get the recovery you need in your Personal Injury or Wrongful Death situation.   If you have been injured, life can quickly become difficult.  If your injury was caused by someone’s negligent action, then you are likely entitled to be compensated for your injury.   Bymaster Law can help you get the settlement you need to recover from a Personal Injury.   Whether it’s an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or any other form of personal injury – Bymaster Law can help.
If you have lost a loved-one due to someone’s negligent actions, then you may have a Wrongful Death claim.  Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster can help.   Facing the death of a loved-one can be one of the most difficult trials of life.   You have to deal with the deep-heart loss of a loved-one.  But it does not stop there: you also face the financial loss.  Bymaster Law can help you get the financial settlement you will need to provide for the financial loss associated with a Wrongful Death.  

Worker’s Compensation

Bymaster Law can help with your Worker’s Compensation case.   Not all injuries happen outside of work- Bymaster Law can help with these injuries also.   Most work injuries are covered under the Worker’s Compensation system which “guarantees” benefits.   These benefits range from disability payments, medical costs, and even permanent impairment settlements.   Because many times you must fight to protect your Worker’s Compensation rights, Bymaster Law can help you get the benefits and settlement that you deserve.

Social Security Disability

Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster of Bymaster Law can also help you with your Social Security Disability claim.  If you can no longer satisfy your work duties due to decline in your health or a disability, you may be eligible to collect Social Security Disability benefits.  Social Security can take care of your monthly expense.  You may even be eligible for a lump-sum initial settlement if you have been denied Social Security benefits in the past.

Bymaster Law Can Help

If you need someone to fight for your recovery, give our office a call for a free consultation.   Whether we represent you in a case for a Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Worker’s Compensation, or Social Security Disability, we can help you get the settlement you deserve.  Call us at 317-769-2244 for a free consultation today.     

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