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Injury Cases And Wrongful Death: When Do I need an Attorney?

After an serious injury or the lost of a loved one, life changes very quickly.   Beyond the emotional and financial impact, the questions about what actions should be taken immediately arise.  What direction must be taken to compensate you for your loss?  Below Indy Injury Attorney John Bymaster explains when you need an attorney.

You need to take steps towards negotiating a settlement.  In some cases, insurance companies are quick to offer fair settlement.   In rare cases, insurance companies will even contact you proactively to make sure you are compensated for your losses.  Unfortunately, most of the time opposing parties are not so willing to offer help or any substantial settlement.

If the opposing party financially responsible for your loss is not responding in a fair manner, you need to contact an attorney immediately.  At the very least, you need a free consultation to talk about your case.   The attorney can guide you and direct you on how to proceed.

Even if the opposing side offers a settlement, you still may need to talk to an attorney.   You may not be getting adequately compensated for every aspect of your loss.  Remember, many losses are for life.  You will need to be fully compensated.

You need an attorney to represent you when you are unable to come to fair settlement for your case or need to proceed with legal action.   Remember, for most injury cases in Indiana, you have two years or less to take legal action.  If you do not take quick legal action, you may lose your right to recover by the passing of the “statute of limitations.”

In other Indiana cases, there are even shorter requirements for legal notices such as six months or less.  Do not be hesitant to contact an attorney.  Remember, consultation at our office is free.

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