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Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney 

Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney John Bymaster can help you get your benefit.

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI) in Indiana can be a difficult process. If you have been denied SSDI in Indiana or are interested in filing for benefits, our office can help.   It is not always wise to go about the Social Security system alone.

Many Social Security claims are denied because of mistakes in the paperwork.   Other times, the extent of the disability is not fully established or communicated.  A Social Security Disability attorney will fight to make sure your claim meets all Social Security Administration (SSA) requirements.     We fight to get you the disability payments that you deserve.

Why Did My Indiana Social Security Claim Get Denied?

Even if your Indiana Social Security Claim has been denied, you still have a strong chance at succeeding at appeal.   If you have received the notice of denial, you will be given a clear explanation why the claim has been denied.  The notice will describe all medical treatment you have received and the various disabilities that the SSA has considered.   

From this point, you may especially consider hiring an attorney to represent you through the process. Your attorney will be able to review the denial and make an appropriate strategy for your appeal.  Your attorney will assemble various medical records and set up a reconsideration of your claim.

Your claim may have been denied simply because you were unable to meet the evidential criteria for receiving disability. You are required to verify medically the extent of your disability.   You are also required to prove that you are unable to earn an income greater than about $1000 per month.   In addition, you must prove that the disability will last for at least 12 months.   

Providing proof that you should receive disability payments is not a simple process.  An attorney who has experience with the SSA will be a strong advantage in your case.  Your attorney will also take away the stress of the Social Security Disability application process.

Indianapolis Social Security Attorney John Bymaster can help you with your SSDI case.  For more information contact our office to schedule a free consultation.  Call today – 317-769-2244.

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