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Have you been hurt in a work accident?.   Have you developed a condition from years of service at your job?    Have you become ill due to the conditions you face during work duties.   All these are scenarios when you have a right to Worker’s Compensation.

Worker’s Compensation – Your Right to Compensation After a Work Injury

Worker’s Compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that is designed to compensate employees that suffer job-related injury or illness.   These benefits are “guaranteed.”  You have a right to these benefits no matter who is a fault: the injury simply has to be “work-related.”

What Does Worker’s Compensation Cover?

Worker’s Compensation can cover all your medical costs, including the cost of rehabilitation.   All medical costs must be reasonable and related to your work-injury.   It also covers long term problems and illnesses.

Worker’s Compensation may also compensate you for the time period you cannot work through disability payments.   If your impairment (injury/disability) is permanent, you eventually also will be awarded a permanent disability settlement.  This permanent impairment settlement will be in a single lump sum payment.

Am I Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Almost all “workers” are covered by Worker’s Compensation in Indiana.   If you are an employee who receives W-2 wage income, you are almost certainly covered by the worker’s compensation program.   With W-2 wage income, only the narrowest exceptions can apply to worker’s compensation coverage.

If you are a contractor or a 1099 employee, there is a lesser likelihood that worker’s  compensation coverage will apply.  Even if you are not entitled to worker’s compensation, you should still schedule a consultation with our office.  If you are entitled to worker’s compensation, there is still a high likelihood that you have a valid insurance claim.  You may be able to recover on your claim through state court.

If you are injured through a reckless or intentional manner by your employer, you also may be able to bypass any worker’s compensation claim and sue the employer through state or federal court.  If you bring a lawsuit in such a manner, you can recover additional items not available through worker’s compensation such as pain and suffering or punitive damages.   Punitive damages punish a corporation for excessive dangerous, deceptive, or irresponsible conduct.

No matter what your situation, we can help.  If you have been injured at work or in any other matter, give our office a call for free consultation.


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