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Social Security Disability – What Qualifies as Disabled?

Having a life change can be a challenge.  Reduction in physical or mental abilities is always present as a possibility in life.  Life is fragile and can change very quickly.   If you have experienced a major change to your work abilities, you may now qualify for Social Security Disability.  Indianapolis SSD Lawyer John Bymaster explains what qualifies as disabled.

You qualify as “disabled” under the Social Security Disability Program (SSDI) if you are no longer able to perform any of the work that you have performed in the past.  In addition, you must prove that there are no other viable job alternatives based on your age, education, and current physical and mental ability.   Basically, you must prove that you can no longer find or hold down a job in your current condition.

Outside of proving your disability, you generally must also have paid into the Social Security system for 10 years in order to get SSDI.   The year requirements for paying into system varies according to your age.  You also must have recently paid into the system.  Generally, if you are older than 50,  you must also have worked 5 out of the last 10 years.

If you have not sufficiently (and recently) paid into the Social Security system, then you may not be eligible for Social Security Disability.  Even if you do not meet these work-year requirements, you may still want to come in for a consultation.  In certain circumstances, you may still be eligible for Social Security Supplementary Benefits (SSI) or other benefits.

All workers (with a few exceptions), however,  are required to pay into the Social Security system.  You automatically pay into the Social Security system if you are employed or self-employed through paying FICA tax.  Both the workers and the employer must pay into this system which  provides basic retirement and disability benefits.

If you believe that you may now qualify for social security benefits, call Indianapolis SSD Lawyer John Bymaster for a free consultation at 317-769-2244.

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