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Caring and Considerate – We’re Different


Bymaster Law Offices is an affordable or Inexpensive Indianapolis Injury Attorney.  We want you to feel very comfortable at our office. We care about you and your case. We are very mindful of the pain that you have suffered before coming into see us. Our goal is to be caring and considerate as we communicate clearly what you need to know on your case.

Our goal is to be the polar opposite of the traditional law office. Our office is different because we attempt to always foster a warm, familiar, and comfortable setting where you can rest assured that your case is being handled by people who care about you. We know that being genuine and doing our best to help people is the key to long-term success as a law office.

Although there is nothing wrong with being formal and focused on business, our office takes the stance that legal representation should be warm, friendly, and approachable. We want you to feel good about your experience with Bymaster Law Offices. We want you to feel comfortable recommending us to anyone else. We know that how we treat our clients is what matters most.

We also placed our office’s setting in a rural “retreat-like” setting. Our office feels like a trip to an oasis where you can find the help you need. It does not feel like a busy scramble for parking around an upscale commercial building. It feels like a visit to a friend’s office – somebody that you already know – that just happens to focus on helping people getting recovery in their case.

Expect Indianapolis Injury Attorney John Bymaster to talk to you on a “level playing field.” Although lawyers’ time is valuable, Attorney John Bymaster always focuses on helping people and never takes that lightly. There is no “uppity” or “superior” spirit to our office. We are simply hear to help and to serve.

If you believe you would feel comfortable with our office with the above description, then perhaps you should give us a call. We offer free in-person consultation about your Injury, Wrongful Death, Worker’s Comp, or Social Security case. You can call us at 317-769-2244.


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