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Indianapolis Injury Attorney Free Consultation

Bymaster Law is an Indianapolis Injury Attorney Office that offers free consultations.  You can trust us to make a free consultation inviting and comfortable. We are very friendly at our office. Most of our clients immediately feel at ease when they come into our environment. We do not have a stuffy or intimidating aspect to our office that is common in other law offices. We want to make you feel at home and get right down to talking about your case.

A free consultation can greatly reduce stress.   Making a plan with an attorney can really take the burden off in a difficult situation.   After many of our clients have a free consultation with our office, they immediately feel much more peace with their situation.  

We have helped many people over the years get the settlement they desperately need.  Just making a plan to pursue the settlement can feel like a resolution.    Injury or wrongful death situations bring unexpected trails and stress: they are an unexpected new burden that comes to life.  Social Security Disability or Worker’s Compensation settlements  – these are things most people never expect they will need in their lives.  Let us reduce your stress by coming in for a free consultation to help you recover.   We will make a plan that lets you know that you are doing everything you can to fight for your case.

Remember, lawyers make sound plans due to their legal background and experience.  Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster will provide a plan that has your best interests in mind.  He will explain to you the legal process during the consultation.  He will explain what recovery is possible and the best plan of action for achieving it.    You will have opportunity to ask questions and get all the answers you need.  

Call us for a free consultation today.  The consultation is risk and cost free.  We also do everything in our power to make the consultation feel comfortable and make you feel welcome.  Call us at 317-769-2244 and we will set up a time for you to talk to Indianapolis Injury Attorney John Bymaster about your case.


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